What job are we in?
We are a collection of professional team selling first-class Iranian products with very high quality and competitive with products offered around the world. Our products with very reasonable prices and excellent quality can now be in your hands. Our special products are introduced on our site and our specialty is Iranian saffron and pistachios. Consumers of our products are people who value their health very much. We are a company that competes with our competitors so that we can show our strength and originality to our competitors.Amethyst Business Objectives: Efforts and development have been made according to its core mission and vision.Amitis’s business goals are formulated according to its mission and core vision for effort and development.This business intends to provide the necessary conditions for customer satisfaction, the necessary conditions to achieve the most suitable conditions, the best quality and the highest speed. It uses ISO certifications and benefits from its excellent consultants.Amitis Trading is committed to its customer development efforts and strives to establish long-term relationships with all customers in order to act as its business partner. To this end, the company’s long-term vision is to focus on providing the highest level of customer service. It is world class and ready to serve them at any time.Amitis Business Ethics Charter: Efforts and development are based on following the rules, doing things based on honesty and mutual trust, observing quality in all matters and processes, maintaining customers’ business secrets and creating a vibrant work environment for all organizations. Principles. Also, this business considers itself obliged to comply with all environmental requirements.One of the strategic business plans is to familiarize the owners of goods with the laws of export, import and clearance of goods. The Department of Consulting and Commerce is ready to answer all the owners’ questions about customs laws and regulations and how they are applied in the country’s customs.